For Potential Guests

A home between homes … and so much more.

“It’s hard to struggle. It’s scary to realize ‘I’m going to be at a homeless shelter.’ But if everyone could experience this one, there’d be a lot more people who are stable and happy.” – Desiree, graduate

Johnson County Interfaith Hospitality Network

You will get through this, and you will be better for it. Let us help you.

We are blessed to serve families with children under 18 and single, unaccompanied women. Here, families stay together in a safe and supportive environment while we work to help you attain a stable job and permanent home.

If you believe you were meant to be at JoCoIHN, find out more about how we help and call us at 913-345-2121. We are grateful you found us and would be honored to speak with you.