How We Help

Here, our guests feel at home while they work toward one.

7 out of 10 homeless households in Johnson County were families with children in 2015.

Johnson County Interfaith Hospitality Network

Unexpected job layoffs, long-term illness or illness of a child, divorce or death of a loved one can turn entire families homeless almost overnight. JoCoIHN is an interfaith homelessness intervention program that helps restore stability to these motivated and capable “situationally homeless” families in Johnson County.

JoCoIHN works with a network of 36 generous congregations who transform their places of worship into modest accommodations. Each congregation hosts guests for four or five weeks per year. Our guests stay with JoCoIHN for a total of 90 days with the possibility of one 90-day extension.

We are humbled to have wonderful volunteers who provide all of our guests’ meals during their stays. We can’t possibly thank our volunteers enough for providing 568 people (including 341 children) with more than 122,000 meals and 40,000 overnight accommodations since our organization began in 2004.

Our congregations become our guests’ homes and our volunteers and other guests become their families. Many guests keep in touch with us and each other long after they graduate and most reunite on the very best day of the year: the JoCoIHN holiday party day.

Johnson County Interfaith Hospitality Network

With their basic needs for food and shelter met, our guests focus on learning to break the cycle of homelessness. During the day, they stay in the JoCoIHN Family Center where they learn essential life and financial skills from our case manager and licensed clinical social worker. Programs include:

  • Budget counseling using the FDIC’s financial literacy Money Smart curriculum
  • Family and individual case management
  • Job search assistance
  • Education and connection to community resources
  • Education focusing on life, parenting, and coping skills

While in our care, guests create and share weekly budgets with us, document 10 job searches a day and save 90% of their disposable income for use once they leave our organization.

“We’re budgeting money. I’ve gotten stable employment. We’ve met so many great people. I can’t emphasize enough how wonderful the situation at JoCoIHN has been.” – Chris and Lisa, guests

We are overjoyed to share that 75% of the people we served in 2015 obtained permanent housing.

Would you like to be a part of the JoCoIHN family? We would be honored to have your support. Please considering donating and volunteering, or if you’re in need of our help, find out who we serve and please contact us.